Tandem paragliding at the Arlberg

The Tandem Flight

Leaving the earth's surface, experiencing the liberation after takeoff – without restrictions and engine noise. Floating freely, connected to the wing only by a few lines, amidst our beautiful landscape. Feeling the currents and forces of the atmosphere. Forgetting everyday life for a short time to be entirely present with oneself – a sensation only tangible while flying. For us, this is the special allure of paragliding together. Experience it for yourself – with us.

Our Offering of Tandem Flights

Tandem :: Glide Flight

deal for beginners and those who want to experience the fascination of gliding through the air. A gentle takeoff, followed by a relaxed glide, allows you to feel weightlessness and see the world from an entirely new perspective.

Takeoff Times
: Glide flights are particularly flexible and can generally be conducted throughout the entire flying season. Enjoy this unique experience that not only captures unforgettable images but also leaves you with a sense of freedom. Adventurous spirits, this is the perfect fit for you!

Tandem :: Thermal Flight

Recommended for aviation enthusiasts who want to experience flying in thermals and updrafts, expanding their perspective beyond the familiar horizon.

Takeoff Times: Thermal flights require higher demands on the weather conditions and can take place from mid-February to October, starting around 11:00 AM, depending on the appropriate conditions.

Tandem :: Panoramic Flight

Recommended for the athletic with some flight experience, those who want to lose the ground beneath their feet and experience the ultimate high-altitude flight. This flight requires optimal flying weather and may not be possible on every flying day.

Takeoff Times: Panoramic flights require optimal flying weather and place high demands on the pilot. They are possible from March to October, starting around 12:00 PM

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You can also purchase and pay for the voucher online at any time.

Book a Tandem Flight

straightforwad and Hassle-free

You can simply book the flight and pay the pilot in cash directly after the flight.

TandemSky Promo

Welcome to an unforgettable journey in the skies above the Arlberg! Our TandemSky experience offers you the opportunity to witness the beauty of the Alps from an entirely new perspective. Leave the everyday behind, feel the wind in your hair, and savor the freedom of flight while securely connected to an experienced paragliding pilot.

Tandem Gliding-flight

Guided by our experienced pilot, our friend not only shared the thrill of the flight but also engaged in profound conversations – from heartfelt moments to contemplations about life and even the subject of children. This video is more than just a flight; it is a journey through the highs and lows of the human emotional spectrum. We invite you to be a part of it and share this unique experience with us. 🌈 Don't miss the opportunity to witness this emotional rollercoaster! Click the play button and immerse yourself in an adventure that extends far beyond the sky. Don't forget to subscribe to not miss any of our exciting discoveries!


Tandem Panoramic Flight

In this video, you will experience an unforgettable panoramic flight with me and my son Linus, taking us over the majestic peaks and picturesque valleys of the Verwall Valley. We took off from Rendel at approximately 2400 meters and explored the breathtaking landscape for over 3 hours. From the enchanting Faselfad Lakes with their different colors to Vasultal and Kuchenspitze - each stop offered us a new, fascinating view of the Alps. A particular highlight was the view from Pateriol, the Matterhorn of the Arlberg, providing a breathtaking panorama of the Silbertal. After this impressive leg of the journey, I decided to land with Linus directly in front of our house in St. Jakob since he was quite cold after the intense flight experience. Upon landing, Mom immediately took care of Linus, putting him in a warm bath to warm up. This adventure was not just a flight but a shared exploration of the beauty of nature. 🏔️ Join us on this emotional journey and experience the beauty of the Alps from a unique perspective. Don't forget to subscribe to not miss any of our exciting expeditions!