The Dream

Have you ever dreamed of just taking off to reach a place where the snow is untouched?

And savoring the nature in this alpine environment?

And then descending slopes without having to share them with other skiers?

The Idea

Several years ago, we began combining flying, mountaineering, and skiing, experiencing the mountains in a new dimension. By using our aircraft, an entirely new range of route options became available. This led us on tours into previously untouched areas. From this enthusiasm, the idea emerged to offer this unique experience to others.

The Plan

First, we take the cable cars up high. From there, we soar with the paraglider to places untouched by ski operations. You'll be a passenger on a tandem paraglider. Depending on the route, conditions, and your preferences, we reach our destination through hiking, skiing, or another flight. In any case, we will invite you to a delightful lunch. The tour is crowned with a magnificent descent. This experience will stay with you for a long time, not least because of the professionally edited video you'll receive shortly after the tour, allowing you to share this adventure with your friends and family.

Florian Sukup

Over 30 years ago, my father brought me to the Arlberg for the first time. Since then, this region has been my skiing home. I completed the State Ski Instructor and Ski Guide training in 1996/97 and worked in St. Anton for more than a decade. During this time, Simon quite literally flew into my life and introduced me to a passion: Paragliding. 

Simon Penz

I started paragliding at the age of 17, and from that point on, this sport became a dominant factor in my life and the way I explored the mountains around St. Anton. After years of competitive flying, I founded my flight school in 1993 to introduce this wonderful sport to others. Every year, my team and I conduct hundreds of tandem flights and teach students who want to learn or improve their skills in this sport.

Tour Equipment

Can be provided if not available.

Avalanche Equipment

Can be provided if not available.


We create a short video of the tour if desired.


Full Day

Parapowder for one person per day


Parapowder for two person per day


Para Powder

Brief Overview